The Great Escape

According to the Sunday Times children in the UK now spend less time outdoors than prison inmates. What’s the answer? Send them to Forest Schools!

What is Forest Schools you may ask? Forest Schools is a child led risk-based learning initiative that takes place in natures classroom. It allows children to explore their natural environment to help them grow in self confidence.

Why choose MSE Forest Schools? Our approach to outdoor learning is the best of the best. All of our staff are ex military, combined with our superior knowledge and experience of the great outdoors and bushcraft we have one of the most engaging and rewarding Forest Schools Programmes in the country.

Located on the Wirral we have a proven track record in primary schools across the Northwest of England improving children’s self confidence, self esteem, mindfulness, resilience, social and motor skills, motivation, concentration and communication skills. Forest Schools is long a staple of the Scandinavian education system.

Did you know that nettle juice is better than dock leaves in soothing a sting?

Email or call us on 0151 609 1193 for more information.

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