We use British values to deliver a programme of study for mental and physical well-being in the primary and secondary phase.

MSE have developed this training course to comply with the recommendations from the Government’s recent green paper ‘Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision’ and from consultations with local headteachers. The programme can be delivered over a term for one class, half a day per week or as a whole school approach, for every class, one full day per week over a 12-month period. Our programmes can also be tailored to each school’s individual needs. Our core values are at the very heart of our programme ensuring that any school working towards UNICEF’s Rights Respecting Schools Award can link the work that we do and ensure that the values we promote are lived and breathed by pupils and adults alike.

MSE’s mental and physical wellbeing programme was a big hit with the pupils. The children focused on nature and were taught life-long strategies to build resilience, focus and finding peace and calm within themselves. MSE ran the course with professionalism, commitment and built up a fabulous rapport with the pupils.100% of Y3 and Y4 stated that the strategies have helped them in stressful situations and would continue to help them in the future. The MSE team care about children’s mental health and well-being and this course is a fabulous tool for life.” – Mrs J Pearson, Headteacher, Barnston Primary School, Wirral.

Team building will encourage children to become self-aware by identifying their own skills and attributes as well as their classmates and together build upon them. Through working together children will excel in their listening skills, understand and respect that everyone has a voice, be able to manage conflict, share and explore one another’s ideas and in a combined team effort be able to problem solve effectively. Every child will experience leadership which will not only boost their confidence but will help them understand the difficulties a teacher faces every day when children do not listen in the classroom.

MSE Forest and Beach School is of the highest of quality available to schools. With our extensive knowledge of military bush craft and experience living every climate in the great outdoors, combined with Forest school we have the most engaging and rewarding Forest and Beach School Programmes in the country. It is engaging for every child especially those that struggle with day to day learning.

‘Little Lifesavers’ and ‘Young Lifesavers Award’ are certificated first aid qualifications available for all primary aged children. Little Lifesavers Award is for KS1 and Young Lifesavers Award is for KS2. This course teaches children the skills, knowledge and builds the confidence to be an effective first aider through a step by step guide of how to handle different life-threatening situations.

The Human Body covers many aspects of the PE curriculum and also teaches children about how our bodies work, what muscles, organs and bones are and what our skeleton does. They will learn the benefits exercise has in improving our mental and physical health and understand about good nutrition. We make PE real and even link it to maths and science. The course will engage every child from those who enjoy sports and exercise to those that may be disengaged from PE. It will improve children’s self-consciousness around their bodies and enable them to understand that every person is unique.

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