Learning, Behavioural and Pastoral Support Mentors

Military Style Education (MSE) elite mentors provide learning, behavioural and pastoral support to children and young people. They provide a positive role model and a platform for the students to achieve their full potential from and prepare them for life in modern Britain.

Our mentors have a proven track record of providing a positive impact with children who have required 1:1 mentoring, after six months of the programme we ran, the positive behaviour for a child was raised by 97.5%, the increase in his attainment was by 37.5% and his attendance improved from 94.4% to 97.8%, exceeding the Department for Education’s target.

We have some of the highest quality mentors in the country working in schools across the North West supporting children who experience difficulties upon their educational journey. This includes, pupils identified as special educational needs and providing additional support to pupils experiencing difficulties through challenging behaviour. We support children in and out of the classroom and those that need extra support to reintroduce them into the learning environment.

Our elite mentors comply and assert the rules, values and boundaries of each school as they would in the military. They support teachers taking on a similar roll to a Learning facilitator and are trained in de-escalating techniques.

“MSE mentors provide close monitoring of students and immediate feedback to Head of Year, so that interventions can take place quickly with the ability to de-escalate situations. The mentors help children with the transition through school, ensuring that they have a stable start to the academic year, ensuring consistent support and is an identified person to talk through any potential issues. MSE mentors have great communication between the school, social worker and residential home.”
Mrs P Stitch Head of Year 11, Ormiston Bollingbroke Academy

The costs for one of our elite mentors starts from £150 per day and includes the following:

  • Positive male or female role model
  • Can deliver MSE’s own mentoring curriculum
  • Provide support for school staff when challenging behaviour takes place to enable learning
  • Liaison for all parties involved (Parents, Carers, School, Care homes, Social workers, and
  • Youth Offending Services/YOS)
  • Emotional and physical rehabilitation
  • Embed ethics and values to students
  • Implement anger management and recognise triggers of students
  • Ability to de-escalate situations quickly and holistically
  • Improve positive behaviour
  • Consistent support in and out of the classroom
  • Remaining calm under pressure
  • Learning facilitator
  • Supporting children in crisis
  • Impact statements
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